More Equipment Arrived!!!

We finally got to bring home Brayden’s stroller/wheelchair. I cannot belive it took five months but yes it is finally here and we are so happy to have it. This is an EasyS stroller with all the fixings. It came with a Hi/Low base, Canopy, and a tray. It is completely adjustable so it will grow with him. (for a little while anyway) It supports him so that he is positioned to sit up properly, it also adjusts so he can lay flat in it. I’m in love with it because I can push him around the house in it and not have to lift him all over the house….which is wearing on my arms.

We had such an amazing turnout at Brayden’s first fundraiser. I am so overwhelmed by everyone’s support. Thank you to all who attended and donated to help Brayden. We are blessed to be apart of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church Family!

” There was great fellowship, yummy snacks, beautiful jewelry but most exciting was seeing how happy Brayden is, learning about SMA II, and learning about how we can assist this awesome family as they face some serious medical challenges.  God is so good, giving us the opportunity to help each other in love as we all live in this world!  Thanks to all who helped!” ~Michelle

Here are a few pictures of his new Soft Seat, and Therapy Wedge.

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