Update on Brayden

Brayden started going to school last Tue. He is in a class with 4 other 2-year-old kiddo’s with special needs.  His PT and Infant Toddler Teacher are the ones hosting the class….they are so amazing with him!!!!  On top of that his Early Intervention Team loaned him an iPad for the school year!  Which is a blessing, I think he has already learned 4-5 new words. They loaded it with educational material just for his age. It is so easy for him to operate, everyone with SMA should have one!

He has a new stander, that he loves! It came with a tray that has a bowl option. I filled the bowl with water and toys today. He had lots of fun. Logan had to have a bowl of water to play in too. They play so good together. I love how Logan helps his lil’ bro!

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