Brayden has started 4 year Pre-school

20140909_083052I could not be any happier for this bight eyed boy who is so social to begin his year with his new class. He has such a supportive team behind him encouraging him to be his best. Right now his Teacher Mrs. McGee is phenomenal at making education fun and interesting as is his teachers assistant Miss Dawn! He has a new one on one health aide this year Miss Denise. She is great at learning Brayden’s needs and addressing them so he can participate with the rest of the class and do what they are all doing. He has the same PT, OT, and SLP from last year witch I am thrilled because they are great at keeping up with his care and are well trained in how to make this the best year for him. I am so nervous with all the sickness going around but know that we can handle what comes our way. The kids are always washing hands so Brayden’s hands get washed often! I pray all the time that he doesn’t contact anything from school and am hoping that he has been exposed to enough that his immunity has been built up.

20140915_092135Here he is in his stander at school. He is getting so tall and his favorite thing to do is play with the Legos at school. He is riding the bus now too! He has a great transportation team; Driver Miss Kristy, and aide Miss Carrie. He is so happy to ride the bus with his brother and all the other kids at school. When Friday comes (no school) he is sad that he doesn’t have school and brother does. It is hard to know that he will be in Kindergarten next year and will be 5 years old. These first 4 years have been quite the unexpected journey but I have one of the greatest gifts you can ask for! To top it off he is such a happy guy! Love you Brayden, to the end of the earth ❤


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