Bowl with Brayden

We cannot thank you enough for your support! We have to thank our sponsors too! Thrivent, Woman’s Life Chapter 894, Macleod Insurance Agency, and Northway Lanes! We had so many donations for our Silent Auction that ended up being a wonderful turnout! With your help we raised just over $2,300!!! Here are a few photos of the night more updates to come soon!


20150417_192606 20150417_192616 20150417_192622 20150417_192627 20150417_200131 20150417_200152 20150417_200920 20150417_201527 20150417_201612 20150417_201752 20150417_201837 20150417_202009 20150417_202239 20150417_202300 20150417_202443_2 20150417_202543 20150417_202644 20150417_210618 20150417_210851 20150417_203913 20150417_205116  20150417_211433

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