Bowl with Brayden 2016

We are ever so grateful for the opportunity to hold Brayden’s 5th Annual Bowling Fundraiser! With your help we raised over $4,100. This is such an amazing about to help with Brayden’s medical expenses. We had additional donations that came in from Betten for $1,000, Life Tree Community Church $1,000, as well as a $5,000 donation from Lori’s Voice! This puts our grand total to $11,100. We also received a grant from the Children’s Special Network Fund in the amount of $7,000 towards the conversion on an accessible van. With that being said we are up to 18,100. The conversion alone cost is $23,000 per attached quote. We are about $5,000 shy of our total goal. We are always interested in applying for grants that could fill this gap, If you are aware of anyway to help Brayden achieve this let us know by email or phone under the contact us tab on this site. Thank you again for each and every person that has been involved in our journey to give Brayden the best quality of life we can. It takes a whole village to raise a child. Our Blessings – The Janetzke Family

gresham driving quote

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