Photos of Brayden

Happy Thanksgiving!!! There are so many reasons to be thankful! We are blessed in many ways!! I just wanted to share some of the fun adventures we have had this past year…..

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Here are a few….My 2nd Birthday, my first fundraiser for FSMA, first time going to the movies, hanging out at school with my Early On group class, going to many playgrounds, first time at the FSMA Run/Walk/Roll, FSMA conference in MN, first visit to U of M, going to many parades, having fun at the zoo, camping at the lake, finding out I’m allergic to bug bites, playing at the beach, test driving a power chair, getting my first TLSO, going to the farm, SMA candle lighting in honor of all those with SMA, playing on the swings and in the dirt, assembling my first fire truck, getting a sleep study, and riding a horse. I know my adventure will continue so stay tuned for more ♥

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