Brayden’s is officially a “Pre-schooler”


We had a great day at school. Brayden has an amazing teacher that is very understanding of Brayden’s needs. There are 9 other kids in his class, and they all play really well and listen to the teacher! She helped let all the kids know about Brayden’s “things”. He has his own crayons and things that will be kept germ free! I spent the 3 hour day there with him. We had his IEP meeting last week to discus his needs and goals. I am very pleased to say that his day went smooth, and educational.

Brayden’s respiratory issues are a major concern with it still being cold and flu session. Please pray for his health after just getting over pneumonia four weeks ago.

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  1. Cheri Myers says:

    Brayden is fitting in perfectly with his pre-school class. The kids really enjoy their new friend and I’m having fun watching them all interact with each other. Brayden’s smile has a way of lighting up the room! I’m so glad to be a part of his school days.

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