Happy 3rd Birthday Brayden!!!!

SAMSUNGBrayden is 3 years old today!! I am overjoyed with happiness for him. We were blessed with a loving, caring, smart, joyful, adventurous little boy on March 12th, 2010. He has grown in so many ways. He enjoys going to school, playing with his big brother, Logan, and anything that has to do with super heroes. I think the reason he loves super heroes so much is because he can relate, he himself wants to defeat villains and save innocent people. Brayden’s favorite is the “Hulk” he will crinkle his tiny nose, raise his arms up and say “Hulk smash.” He has the biggest hart and teaches me to not take the little things for granted! It is not easy for him to do anything but remains so positive. He warms my heart and I am very honored to hear him say “luv you mom!!!”

What a better birthday present than a powerchair!!!! We added a ramp in the garage and now have an full size accessible van 🙂

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