Brayden’s first surgery went great!

Today we are at Helen DeVos Childrens Hospital. His tonsil surgery is scheduled at 10:45. Brayden did great letting the Dr. put in his IV. He even got a ty dog that he named Bobo. We will post an update after surgery. Thank you all for your prayers!
Brayden did great!! His surgery went as planed. We are staying overnight to make sure his vitals are good. He has a lot of junk coming up but overall he is doing great! Thank you for all your prayers and support!


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1 Response to Brayden’s first surgery went great!

  1. Shari Roe says:

    So glad to hear the surgery went well. What a little trooper! Hugs to all of you! (Been at my Mom’s since Saturday so haven’t been keeping up with my Facebook.). Love you guys!

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