Brayden Started Riding the Bus to School!


I am very happy for Brayden. He has wanted to ride the bus to and from school ever sense Logan has. Now he can and his brother is riding with him! He absolutely lives it! Both the boys’ teachers let me know how they got to school with big smiling grins on there faces. That to me, as a mom, is priceless! It wasn’t easy, we had to make sure everything was in place before he was able to do this. Knowing that he is safe, has an aide, and a neck brace while he rides on the bus, made it a lot easier. I am just so happy for him and Logan. Proud Momma!

Brayden is doing great in school! His verbal communication has been outstanding, and he is enjoying his new class in the AM this year 🙂 We are also excited to take part in helping with ADA additions to the school playground!!!

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1 Response to Brayden Started Riding the Bus to School!

  1. AlleneBundt says:

    Congratulations Brayden!! We are as proud of you as your Mom. You are growing up so fast.
    So glad you like school and learning, Allene ssends you lots of hugs

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