Biomarker Study

Today Brayden was able to participate in a biomarker study for SMA. We went to Kalamazoo (2 hour drive) to be able to help with the study. Each and every step gets us closer to finding a cure! We had to make a pit stop at the Dinosaur exhibit on the way home 🙂

Below are some basic details regarding the study:

· SMA patient types: Type I, II, and III

· Location: Jasper Clinic in Kalamazoo, Michigan

· Sponsor: F. Hoffmann-La-Roche

· Consists of a single visit during which a blood draw will be taken

· No drug will be administered

· Patients may also be reimbursed for their travel expenses

The purpose of the study is to obtain SMA patients’ blood samples and to use these samples to develop methods to measure SMN transcript and SMN protein in blood of SMA patients. The development of these methods is critical to conducting future clinical trials in SMA.

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